The Ultimate Artificial Grass Maintenance Guide

Do you want a beautiful green garden for 12 months? It is not easy to maintain a lush green, beautiful lawn. For this reason, people are becoming attracted to synthetic turf. It may not need similar maintenance and care of a natural garden.

Artificial turf also needs some maintenance. It can withstand British weather and maintains its beauty. Your fake lawn may not need seeding or mowing patches. There is no need for wastewater and mow or fertilize to arrange beautiful green grass at home.

Types of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is based on high-quality synthetic fibers. It is constructed to look natural. You may find it difficult to identify real grass and turfgrass. Different types of artificial grass are available. Feel free to choose the best type as per your needs, personal taste, and natural environment.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

In the market, you will find artificial grass made of nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. See the details of each material:

Polypropylene Artificial Turf

This cheap grass is famous among homeowners and businesses. It is available in different styles. Remember, the melting point of this grass is low. Remember, this grass is susceptible to damages. You should not choose this grass for broad applications.

Polyethylene Artificial Grass

If you can spend some extra money, feel free to install polyethylene grass in your garden. It is expensive than polypropylene. You may find it natural and durable. Polyethylene looks beautiful and more natural.

In fact, it is not easy to distinguish between real grass and synthetic turf. This turf is suitable for installing on pool areas, entire lawns, outdoor play spaces, and landscape edging.

Nylon Artificial Grass

Do you want extremely durable turf? Nylon turf may be an ideal choice. It can withstand excessive weight and high temperature. There is no need to worry about its shape and other issues.

No doubt, nylon artificial grass is durable, but people may not use it for large applications. The reason is its cost and stiffness. You can use it along with polyethylene turf for additional stability and strength.

Tips to Maintain and Clean Grass

Your frequency to perform maintenance of artificial grass may depend on specific situations. If you have children, pets, and outdoor plants, you have to clean your synthetic lawn frequently. Living in a dusty area may require you to rinse down a fake lawn frequently.

On the other hand, rain can wash your lawn during rainy months. A situation can be unique based on different factors. Here is a maintenance schedule that you can modify as per your needs.

Maintenance Schedule of Artificial Lawn

Several homeowners may need a light rinse for their synthetic lawns once a week. Feel free to use a hose to remove small debris and dust. Moreover, you can perform cleaning and maintenance each month. It will help you to keep a lawn clean, inviting, and green. Follow these steps for monthly maintenance:

Use one stiff brush to remove leaves, dirt, and dust.

Use one handled brush or broom and sweep carefully against the natural grains of grass. Feel free to groom it into an upright posture.

A flexible lawn rake may be helpful to remove leaves, debris, dirt, and dust. Moreover, you can use a stiff brush or a broom containing stiff bristles. For using a stiff brush, make sure to avoid using a brush with steel bristles. Remember, steel bristles are dangerous for fake grass.

Grass cleaning will help you to maintain the upright posture of every blade. Remember, you have to perform this maintenance frequently if you have pets. Frequent cleaning becomes necessary during the fall season.

After thoroughly cleaning your grass, you may not like its position. If you are noticing grass in lain position, you can groom your lawn to fix this grass. Run a brush against the actual grain of grass to encourage a proper standing position of each blade of grass.

Regular grooming can prevent matting and help you to maintain an infill lawn instead of compacting. If you are unable to restore the actual beauty of artificial grass, feel free to consult professional groomers. They can maintain and clean your lawn as per a particular schedule.

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Brush Artificial Grass

To maintain artificial grass, you have to consider brushing your grass. Lightly brush a lawn frequently, such as once per week to remove twigs and leaves. You have to do it gently to avoid excessive force.

For this job, you can buy a brush with soft bristles that must handle your grass gently. Brush the artificial fiber of grass in the opposite direction. Remove leaves from the grass with a leaf blower. It will help you to clean your artificial turf quickly. Remember, a leaf blower may work well to remove dry leaves.

After installing artificial grass, you have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for its complete settlement. With a garden vacuum, you can maintain the upright structure of artificial grass. To avoid compaction and to flatten, you have to maintain the vertical position of artificial grass.

Leaves and Debris

It is essential to remove debris from the surface of artificial grass. Make sure to remove leaves and all other debris. You should not leave rotting vegetation and organic matter on the grass. It may cause drainage and build up.

You should not put anything on artificial grass. It can impact the beauty of your grass. A power brush, garden vacuum, or a leaf blower is necessary.


Every artificial grass installation must include weed membranes under the artificial grass to prevent air born seeds and unwanted weeds. Impeccably green products come with drainage holes in the rear to provide drainage. You have to put a weed barrier below the grass. For any weed or moss, you have to ensure the use of a weed killer (water-based).

Animals and Pets

Remember, the use of artificial grass is famous for pet enclosures and kennels. Make sure to consider the safety of your pets when buying artificial grass. It will maintain the beauty of your location. Urine may be hosed away, and solid waste is easy to remove.

Similar to the natural lawn, a mess of pets must be removed quickly. You can pick up something large by hand. Feel free to use warm water to wash down an area with an eco-friendly (weak) detergent. A washing-up liquid may be a suitable choice.

It is possible to remove some stains quickly with warm water and weak detergent. Make sure to buy a grass cleaner to clean your artificial glass correctly.

Tips to Remove Pet Waste from Synthetic Grass

Pet owners may need extra maintenance for their artificial grass. Here are some tips for your assistance:

  • Feel free to choose your favorite method to remove the solid waste of pets from the grass. You can use a plastic bag to collect and throw solid waste. Carefully hose down an area where waste was dropped.
  • Some pets have their favorite spots to relive, which makes it simple to clean these things. Moreover, you can avoid bacteria and urine accumulation. To keep your lawn odor-free and clean, you have to hose your pet’s urination area.
  • It is recommended to keep a turf deodorizer near you to clean your law easily. You will find it necessary to avoid odor quickly.
  • Feel free to create a separate area for your pet for urination to maintain your fake lawn easily. You can put a gravel or dirt patch in your yard.

Moreover, dogs may be trained in using separate areas. For this reason, it will be easy for you to protect your synthetic turf from pet waste.

Remove Stains from Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is for long-term use; therefore, you have to keep it clean. Chewing gum, candy, and drinks on this grass will be a common thing. Sometimes, roughhousing can be the reason of food dripping on artificial grass.

Fortunately, it is easy to clean artificial turf because of its stain-resistant nature. As a result, the cleaning of spills and other things may be easy. Sometimes, you can use water to rinse away spills.

To clean tough stains, feel free to use a natural, mild soap with warm water. Feel free to use a mixture of water and vinegar. It may be an excellent choice to remove bacteria. The main thing is to remove spills efficiently. These are easy to remove and wash away in liquid form.

Pick up sticky substances, including candy or chewing gum from your artificial grass. No doubt, it can be challenging to remove chewing gum. Feel free to chill a chewing gum with ice cubes to remove it altogether.

A putty knife of plastic or the same tool may be useful to remove sticky substances. Basically, you will need dull objects to avoid tearing synthetic turf. Avoid using harsh solvents and chemicals to remove sticky substances and spills from the lawn.

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Don’t Use Corrosive Chemicals

Remember, you can repair stubborn stains and cigarette burns of an artificial lawn. It is easy to repair these things. Try to avoid burns and spills because these may become an issue. Particular spells, including motor oil, lubricants, grease, and battery acid, are some harmful substances. These can damage or discolor your synthetic turf.

Avoid contact of artificial grass with dangerous substances by repairing automobiles. Moreover, keep your garden tools away from fake grass. Burns of artificial grass are common because of smoldering charcoal, burning cigarettes, and fireworks.

To avoid possible accidents, avoid grilling, lighting fireworks, and smoking near your synthetic lawn.

Reflections and Burns

Artificial grass may be warm during high-temperature days because of sunlight. For this reason, homeowners feel worried about the possibility of burns. Remember, direct sunlight may not burn a synthetic turf.

Burning is possible because of strong reflections and sun magnification from glass doors and windows. These things can harm your grass. Keep an eye on the magnified sunlight from windows because it can burn your turf.

If you want to avoid this problem, you have to block potential glare from the window. Magnification from the window is not suitable for your artificial grass. Feel free to install awnings, screens, shades, or shutters to decrease reflection on your windows.

For the windows of your neighbor, you can plant bushes or trees. These can protect your grass from focused reflections.

Infill Sand

In several cases, artificial grass may survive for several years. Sometimes, you have to infill sand in the base of the grass. Sand may be washed away if you install it on a slope. You will need almost 10 mm of Kiln dried sand for protection of the backing system from UV rays of the sun.

Avoid These for Artificial Grass

If you want to protect your artificial grass from different issues, here are some essential things to avoid:

  • Avoid heavy and large vehicles on the surface of artificial for a long duration.
  • Bonfires, BBQ’s and cigarettes must not be used near this grass.
  • Reflective or mirrors glass must not be installed near this grass because the reflected sunlight can burn the grass.
  • Sharp objects and glass must not be left unattended on the grass. It may not only cause serious injuries but damage the lawn.
  • The improper footwear, including rugby boots, football, stilettoes, or other footwear. These things can damage the artificial grass.
  • Moreover, bleach and strong detergents must not be used.

Final Verdict

With artificial grass, it is easy to improve the landscape of your office or home. This grass is easy to maintain as compared to real grass. There is no need to use fertilizer for its growth. Some regular maintenance and care will help you to increase the life of artificial grass.

Moreover, you can keep it in the best shape for several years. Make sure to perform these tasks regularly to keep your lawn odor-free, lush and clean. It will help you to create an inviting place to play, sunbathe, and relax.

Artificial grass will keep you away from tensions of weeding, fertilizing, cutting, and watering. Fortunately, artificial turfs are available in different piles, colors, and styles. You can find something as per your budget.