Artificial grass does not require herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers to remain beautiful and germ-free. Over the years, artificial grass has been used in sports grounds to replace lawns as well as in public parks and other public spaces. As artificial grass does not require water, it is well suited for areas with drought conditions such as the Great Lakes region. Sources: 9

The materials used to make artificial turf are strong enough to withstand almost any kind of torture and are most commonly used in arenas. Sport is normally played on grass, but artificial grass is much more durable than the natural grass that looks like this. Sources: 2, 9

As droughts become more frequent over much longer periods, more and more people are turning to coating real grass. The most obvious advantage is that artificial grass does not require much maintenance and can persist for years, even after being used for many years without major changes to its appearance. It remains lush and green, which looks just as good as the natural grass it replaces. Sources: 1, 2

There are other reasons why you should start to consider switching to artificial grass when the opportunity is given, but you need to consider it better. The pros and cons of replacing your lawn with artificial grass are so extensive that you can see the investment before you make any quick pros or cons. Sources: 1, 5

Saving water, time and also money by outsourcing the work of lawn care is one of the most important benefits that homeowners and business owners cite for replacing their lawn. These reasons are not unfounded, as statistics show that artificial grass saves between $1,000 and $2,500 per year in water and labor costs, while the average natural grass owner spends between 2-8 hours per week on lawn maintenance. Sources: 5

This is in stark contrast to what farmers spend on growing crops such as sugar cane, maize, and even rice, as well as the cost of fertilizer, pesticides, fertilizer, and water. Sources: 5

If cities allow their citizens to tear up their lawns and install a less thirsty substitute, one of these substitutes should be plastic grass. The large chemical-green lanes that stretch across the courtyards of Los Angeles do not belong to us; they belong, at best, in an Easter basket to those who have abandoned synthetic turf and artificial turf and yielded to the demands of their neighbors and their children. Sources: 6

Who doesn’t want a lawn that remains green forever, is durable, doesn’t consume water and doesn’t need to be fed? In many other fashions, it costs only a fraction of the cost of artificial grass and artificial grass, so homeowners save water. Sources: 6, 8

In theory, this all sounds great, but natural grass advocates admit that people water their grass too much, making artificial grass the winner at this point. Monsanto (r) founded it in the mid-1960s and originally branded it as a brand ChemGrass (aka AstroTurf), but it didn’t look as good as its natural counterpart. Sources: 0, 8

Gone are the days when artificial grass stuck out like a sore thumb and anyone could say it was a fake. Nowadays, the possibilities on artificial grass are almost unlimited and can deceive anyone who looks at them. Sources: 0

The long life of artificial grass is so great that when it comes to landscaping, Phoenix residents will in most cases opt for synthetic rather than traditional grass. Greens issued by the Arizona Department of Land and Natural Resources (AZDNR) in Phoenix can last up to 20 years before flattening and fading, making them less attractive to the public. The longer you deal with disease, drought and sleep deprivation, the longer they will have the ability to look good all year round. Sources: 0, 4

The best grass in Arizona is grass that looks great no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Arizona Luxury Lawns helps residents get the lawn of their dreams without the frequent care and maintenance that real grass requires. When you get artificial grass for the first time, it can be shaky when it is laid out on an uneven surface. Sources: 3, 4

The grass is permeable, so any water that runs off will have to collect and go somewhere, or it will collect. The grass can be patterned to cover your chairs, as well as to set tables, tables and chairs in your living room. Sources: 3

You can even transform your own designs into cuttings of different coloured grasses to decorate your space, such as the grass on the walls of your office or the floor in your kitchen. Sources: 3

If you want to create a beautiful landscape with lots of green grass, you have to recognize the difference between real and artificial grass. If you have ever spent a lot of time and money sowing, mowing and caring for grass, you will understand why fake grass is so popular. To create and maintain a green, flowering lawn, artificial grass takes time and challenges, but then it may be the best way to maintain this look all year round. 

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