We put the ‘art’ in artificial grass!

BLD Sport designs and installs high-end sporting surfaces. We use only the most technically advanced synthetic turf. Our brightly coloured synthetic turf playgrounds encourage children to play – rain or shine. Active children who have fun at school with their friends are healthy, happy children.

Our lawn is a multi-purpose all-weather turf with that is extremely durable yet softer playing surface. The pile is soft, non-abrasive and provide a softer ‘landing’, reducing the injuries and grazed knees caused by asphalt and concrete. BLD multi-purpose turf can be installed easily over existing asphalt or concrete bases, or installed on built bases and used for football grounds, rugby grounds and any other outdoor sport. Our turf requires little maintenance apart from keeping the surface free of leaves, debris and organic matter, reducing your maintenance costs – excellent for your school budget.

Our turf products can handle all types of rough and tough play! We have products for soccer, football, baseball, rugby, tennis, lacrosse, and everything in between. They can withstand cleats running towards a goal to rugby’s rough swings, our turf is tough enough to handle all sport applications while still remaining soft to the touch.