Artificial Grass Case Study #2


Doug's solution to a better garden.


Doug rang A Bit of Green because his garden didn’t get much sunlight and in turn his lawn just would not grow and with a two year old dog meant he had a mud pit for a garden. He decided if a real lawn would not work then Artificial grass may well be the solution. It needed to be pet friendly and something the dog couldn’t dig up!


Doug wanted a new timber border to be used as edging around the garden as he has some lovely shrubbery and with his garden. We excavated the area first then used treated pine timber for the edge with a merbau capping to provide an elegant finish. The lawn was completed with two separate cuts of grass with additional pinning to ensure the dog couldn’t lift the grass.

The end result was creating a lovely artificial lawn that gave the finishing touches to a garden we would all be proud of. They plan on living in the home for many years so this solution will last them the journey and they get to enjoy family time.


“The finished article looks amazing, is maintenance free, and more importantly for a dog owner, it is mud free!! Corey and the Crew left my place spotless and did a terrific job!

Thank you for transforming my garden, cannot tell you how impressed i am with the product and all the team at A Bit Of Green. Looks brilliant and the dog loves it and so do we as it means no more mud in the house!!!”

Many thanks,

South Morang