Artificial Grass Case Study #1


Tony's solution to a better garden.


After a lot of hard work by himself from designing to fitting Tony decided that artificial grass was a possibility to finish of the garden he wanted. He attempted to grow seeded grass but failed.

Working 6 days a week and with a family Tony and his wife want to utilise their free time as much as possible and  having fake grass installed meant that there was one less thing to worry about. Tony’s design meant that the lawn was a symmetrical shape so he contacted us for advice in what could be done and what would look best.


During the free survey we showed Tony all our range of artificial grass and went through the installation process and also how artificial grass needs to be measured to find out the total m2 and create as little wastage as possible. After looking at the artificial grass sample swatches Tony decided on the look he was after.

The end result was creating a lovely artificial lawn that gave the finishing touches to a garden we would all be proud of. They plan on living in the home for many years so this solution will last them the journey and they get to enjoy family time.


“I would like to thank the Jim and Corey and the whole team for all their hard work to transform our garden with it’s new artificial lawn. Really hardworking totally professional and pleasant to have around. They treated my home with respect, cleaned my concrete using a pressure washer and worked automosoly while I was at work. I  can highly recommend there workmanship and we are so happy with the finished product. If you want artificial grass installed these are the guys to call”

Thank you